Send us 2 pictures of your skin condition and our specialist dermatologist will provide you with recommendation and treatment options within 24 hours.

Our research shows that most of the skin conditions can be diagnosed and treated without seeing a doctor using over the counter medicine.

Most common skin lesions

Check out the most common dermatological problems on our body and find out how to cope with them!


Why it works

DermoApp has been designed to be easy to use and comfortable for users.

Quick analysis

If your skin has a "strange" lesion, and you do not have a dermatologist or need urgent information, use the free app.

Self diagnosis

The application allows you to diagnose your ailments and advise what action to take. Provides guidance on the purchase of over-the-counter products and the use of "home remedies".

Contact Specialist

If you find it difficult to diagnose the problem, you can complete the online form and get the dermatologist's advice within 24 hours.

How it works

Find out how to use DermoApp.

Place of ailments

Choose your gender and the part of the body where the lesion is located

Compare with pictures

View the photo gallery and compare your symptoms with photos


If you have doubts take 2 photos, fill in a short 4 point form and within 24 hours you will receive a reply


If you think your lesion looks similar to the picture, read the description of the disease and follow the enclosed instructions

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Do you have questions? We have answers to the most common of them. If you have any other, please contact us

Is the application anonymous?

Yes, the application is anonymous. We only need your email address to send you recommendations/diagnosis.

How do you ensure that the diagnosis is correct?

What if a skin change occurs?

We have made every effort to make the self-diagnosis module easy to use and help you quickly diagnose a skin lesion.

Who gives recommendations after sending the interview and photos of skin changes?

The information comes to our team of dermatologist specialists who recognize skin changes as much as possible and recommend a solution.

What if a skin change occurs?

We always recommend a visit to a specialist doctor, our application helps with emergencies when we do not have the time, we are on vacation or we do not have the opportunity to contact a specialist doctor.


Check out what our app users say.

During my vacation on the palm of my hand jumped itchy rash. Thanks to the application I recognized my illness, which also confirmed by the DermoApp dermatologist. I applied to the doctor's advice and from vacation I went back without skin problems.

Piotr, Warsaw

Jestem bardzo pozytywnie zaskoczony trafnością diagnozy i leczeniem. W dobie gdzie ludzie nie mają czasu chodzić do lekarzy myślę że jest to świetne rozwiazanie. Jeszcze nie raz skorzystam z tej aplikacji.

Agata, Wałbrzych

I am very positively surprised by the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. In the age where people do not have time to walk to the doctors I think this is a great solution. I will definitely use this app at the earliest opportunity

Kuba, Poznań